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Commercial Surrogacy


Surrogacy is a “New Hope”towards fulfilment of parenthood. In “No Hope” infertile couple who are keen to have their own genetic or biological child in situations where the Woman is unable to carry the child in her own womb, surrogacy is only option. Previously these couples had no choice but to go for ADOPTION but now they can have their own child.

Surrogacy which  till now was considered as a “last hush hush method” for childless couples, is now being accepted more easily especially after it has been brought to the limelight by Bollywood stars “Aamir Khan- Kiran” and “Shahrukh- Gauri”. Now it has a kind of glamour and acceptability in public that it never had before.


It is most suitable for women with
  • Repeated IVF Failures
  • Recurrent miscarriages
  • Absent uterus ( Congenital/ post surgical)
  • Damaged uterus ( Infection)
  • Medical conditions which  prohibit pregnancy
  • Single parent
  • Surrogacy is legal in India & intended parents name figures on Birth certificate of the baby.
  • Donor Embryo (i.e. no contribution by the parents) is not permissible. One of the parents should have biological connection with newborn
A relative , a known person, as well as a person unknown to the couple may act as a surrogate mother for the couple. No women may act as a surrogate more than thrice in her lifetime.


Commercial Surrogacy was legalised in India in 2002.
Easily available surrogate mother or  gamete donor has made India a favored destination for various IVF procedures.


  • Surrogacy Treatment is Economical In India
  • Best Of IVF technology is available here
  • Easy to find Surrogate Mother In India
  • Legal Aspect of Surrogacy as law are in favour of surrogacy treatment.
 COST is very Very  Reasonable

It is estimated that in the United States the whole procedure can cost $45,000 to $60,000+ ; while In India Surrogacy costs about one third i.e. $ 20,000 – 25,000 compared to USA cost . Moreover laws in US and UK do not allow the surrogate woman to charge the childless couple; whereas in India there are no laws preventing a surrogate woman in accepting compensation for renting her womb.

The act of becoming a surrogate mother is not only a self-sacrificing but truly a brave decision. It is a Biggest Gift of compassion, patience and love from one woman to another

Surrogacy programme Uplifts surrogate women’s family status as these women belong to low socio economic status:
  • Renumeration leads to independence
  • Provides better living condition to the lady and her family
  • Helps in Education to their children or building a house.
Surrogacy is seen by many critics as an act of exploitation.
Now the things are changing!! 

At present there are surrogate agencies who make contract with these women and provide humane conditions for living not just for the surrogate but for their whole families. Of course we need more elaborate and stricter laws and self checks to prevent the exploitation of these needy women. 
The resulting surge of Surrogacy cases in the country has posed a number of ethical , legal, social and moral dilemmas.
Several legal issues are being sorted out by the ICMR .Many Forums are working closely with the government to ease out these issues and provide greater security & insurance cover to the surrogates. 


Donor eggs & surrogacy = 70% plus
Surrogacy with fresh Egg  Cycle  = 50-60%
Frozen Egg cycle & surrogacy   = 40%


When science and technology open  new door for society – it also opens a pandrora box of “real life stories” which shows evils that menace humanity. Eg.

1.    Japanese surrogate Baby “Manjhi”
2.    Tale of German Twins

Even as India is fast emerging as a major destination for surrogate pregnancies, such birth are still unregulated in few areas in the countries. According to governing laws, parents have to adopt their surrogate child and adoption laws in some countries make it difficult for single father to adopt girl child.



Surrogacy in India is gaining more acceptability in our society and is no longer considered a taboo by infertile couples.
It is a source of happiness for both the infertile couple and the surrogate mother.
We need the laws to be made more stringent so that this profession of surrogacy no longer is considered or viewed as an act of exploitation.

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This is synopsis of lecture by Dr. Sharda Jain presented as public lecture series at DMA (July 2014).
Advances in cancer treatment and improved prospects of survival after cancer treatment call for greater importance to be laid on patients quality of life & an aspect of Fertility Preservation in both sexes.
Cancer treatment has significant association with future fertility of patients as it causes testicular / ovarian dysfunction which is as the most common side effect of chemo therapy.
Gonadal toxicity was first reported in 1948, involving testicular damage by nitrogen mustard (Chemotherapeutical drugs).  The first report of Gonadal toxicity in women was in 1956 and this was associated with busalfan treatment of chroninc myeloid leukemia.
Freezing sperm become a practical proposition only after the discovery of the cryoprotective property of glycerol, 53 years ago. The first infants born from frozen semen is now over 50 year old.

Recently significant progress has occurred in female fertility preservation using embryo cryopreservation, human oocyte cryopreservation, and gonadal tissue cryopreservation. Perhaps most significantly, all these developments, along with the rapid development in the field of IVF , have found human application in day today practice without any clinical trials, giving an added urgency to the public awareness &  need to be involved in the issues surrounding social , ethical, moral and legal debate on fertility preservation.
Clinicians need to be aware of the importance of offering sperm banking facilities, as denial can result in litigation. It is good that the practitioners do understand not just the technical and clinical aspects of procedures, but also to develop a deep sense of social responsibility towards children, adolescent & young adult with cancer together with an equivalent level of understanding of the legal, moral and ethical issues related to it.

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Saturday, 29 March 2014


Life care centre  & Life Care IVF  a reputed & established IVF centre in East Delhi provides IVF Treatment in Delhi ncr has created a benchmark and excellence in IVF with prominent doctors and known teachers, working together for patient’s wellbeing.
At Life Care we help couples to identify their-
•    Extreme anger
•    Unresolved guilt
•    Fear
•    Denial
•    Shame and embarrassment

Counseling can encourage patient exploration of these issues by helping them picture their fantasy of their owns biological child and different relaxation therapies.
We are evaluating the importance of various stress reduction techniques involving-
•    Counseling,
•    Meditation,
•    Yoga,
•    Behavior therapy and
•    Medication in improving the chance of pregnancy
Here counseling is provided by highly qualified & trained Clinical Psychologist  for psychological assessment & treatment preparation.

At LIFE CARE IVF we strongly believe that IVF patients must undergo counseling before IVF investigation &during & after primary & after treatment of IVF to overcome psychological stress.
•    Pre IVF stage- support education, information.
•    During IVF – Psychological assessment & treatment preparation.
•    Post IVF treatment- emotional & therapeutic counseling & preparing for outcome.
We are sure you will benefit using this services at our centre in East Delhi  & find psychological support useful &cheers! Have a wonderful happy experience ahead !!

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Why IVF patient needs counseling

Stress is one of the major cause for reproductive failure. When patients decade to undertakes IVF treatments, they may experience many different emotions from joy and excitement to grief and disappointment. This can be an emotionally and physically challenging time. It is a fact when couple have infertility problems both partner’s stress can affect the fertility potential further. Starts are likely to reduce libido and frequency of intercourse which further contributes to delayed fertility.

Counseling aims to help patients and understand exactly what the IVF treatment involves. And how it might will affect them and those close to them-now and in the future.

Despite, nearly forty years of endorsement for psychosocial intervention in infertility, still many IVF Treatment in Delhi and infertility care centers are not providing counseling services to the infertile patient.

To give awareness to the couple about infertility, to teach them coping strategies and to improve them wellbeing, counseling plays a very important part in ART and specially IVF treatment centre.

•    The opportunity to talk freely and openly without being judged.
•    The chance to explore and express feelings and sensitive issues that are troubling  them.
•    Help in understanding the factors that may be contributing to patients difficulties.
•    Support in finding patients own solutions and new ways of coping.
•    Counseling helps to reduce sadness, depression and stress in patients.
•    To help couples to know their reproductive health problems and family-building alternatives.
•    To know about stress and its effect on biological functioning.

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IVF Specialist in Delhi

Lifecare IVF is known for high quality and ethical standard in the field of infertility. Dr sharda jain is one of the best IVF specialist in delhi. She is Project Director and CEO of Lifecare IVF, the most trusted ivf treatment in Delhi ncr. So for IVF Specialist gynecologist in delhi, contact Dr. Sharda Jain.

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Infertility Treatment in Delhi

Lifecare IVF Private Ltd is a best ivf centre in all ivf center in delhi ncr because we have best and hard worker team in delhi ncr for infertility treatment and IVF Services. It’s registered with ICMR & NARI.

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Role of Semen Preparation Techniques in Success of IUI

Role of Semen Preparation Techniques in Success of IUI – Where and How?

Dr. Aruna Saxena ,Dr. Sharda Jain, Dr. Jyoti Bhaskar, Dr.Jyoti Agarwal, Dr. Abhishek Parihar

Intrauterine insemination is accepted as the most common first therapeutic intervention in Infertile couples. It can be performed with or without ovarian stimulation for treatment of cervical factor, mild to moderate male factor, anovulation and unexplained infertility.

Big part of the success of IUI lies in semen processing. The semen preparation which is offered as IVF services in Delhi to IVF patients is now universally followed for IUI patients too. It has eliminated the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease and uterine cramping.

The aim of semen preparation is to separate the normal sperm from the debris of the ejaculate and in case of IUI, to yield as many normal motile spermatozoa as possible.

It is important to remember that for the best results of IUI, Semen preparation should be done in In house Lab and should not be processed outside – as sperm capacitation process starts immediately and inspite of motile sperms, no pregnancy results.

We are 30 thousand gynaecologists in India and nearly half of them are practising infertility and doing IUI. It is unfortunate that except in IVFcentres in Delhi Ncr– very few gynaecologists in Delhi have In house lab for semen preparation.

As far as the technique of sperm preparation is concerned – it is clear one size does not fit all.
Spermatozoa may be selected by their ability to swim, known as the 'swim-up technique'. This technique is performed by layering culture medium over the liquefied semen. Motile spermatozoa swim up into the culture. The upper part of the layered medium is then carefully removed for further use.

The second method of selecting spermatozoa is by the use of density gradients. The semen sample is pipetted on top of the density column, which is then centrifuged. Density gradient centrifugation separates spermatozoa according to their density. This way we can select the motile, morphologically normal spermatozoa in the solution with the highest concentration of gradient, which is aspirated for further use.

The third method is conventional wash method in combination with centrifugation. The semen sample is diluted with a medium and centrifuged. Subsequently, the pellet (the bottom part after centrifugation) is resuspended in a small amount of medium and incubated until the time of insemination.

It is our experience at Lifecare IVF, a reputed IVF centre in Delhi Ncr, that there is no statistically significant difference between pregnancy rates for swim up versus gradient /wash technique though results from various studies may suggest a preference for gradient technique for most of the samples. Only samples with very good parameters should be prepared by Swim up technique.

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IVF treatment

Life care IVF is the most trusted test tube baby centre in delhi ncr . It also offers ivf treatment for male and female, its recognize as advance and trusted IVF center in Delhi.

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Lifecare IVF : IVF treatment

Infertility affects a relatively large number of couples now ranging from 10-15%,

It is evident from news articles that Indian men are facing a queer, unique problem of Both reduced sperm count and suboptimal sperm quality.

Globally , there is a new trend of 'Voluntary Infertility' in girls. Similar trend is found in Indian women, who are educated, independent, career- minded. They defer marriage & childbearing till they can afford all the good things in life.

90 % of women's egg degrade in quality & number at the end of her 37th year. By the time she decides to have a baby, her biological clock, often slows down. She then requires the help of Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) like IUI, IVF, ICSI to conceive.

With the enormous advances in ART technologies, today, 85 -90 % of the cases of infertility can get pregnant. Lifecare IVF has A to Z of all ART facilities oferreing Total Solution to Infertility. In 2014, we have added PGS / PGD & ERA test for Recurrent IVF Failures.

The Lifecare IVF E- Bulletin will focus on the current trends in Infertility - IUI and IVF - ICSI ,Recent data on the current therapies used, as well as information on additional measures to improve fertility outcome.

The STRESS experienced by the patients undergoing therapy has also been touched upon by us by Counseling by Clinical Psychologist & Acupuncture Expert.

Better outcomes of infertility are likely if the mother gives up smoking and alcohol before undergoing IUI & IVF treatment & normalizes her WEIGHT by our wellness & Health Experts,
Dr. Sharda Jain /  9650511339, Dr. Jyoti Agarwal /  9910081484, Dr. Jyoti Bhaskar /  9711191648
Dr. Aruna Saxena /  9818679091, Dr. Abhishek Parihar / 9654684408.

More Information Please Visit our Website at

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IVF Services in Delhi - Life Care IVF

Life care IVF is one of the best clinics in Delhi that provides IVF services in Delhi like infertility treatment , Intrauterine Insemination , Infertility Consultation and much more.

IVF Center in Delhi Ncr

IVF Center in Delhi Ncr is in your service for the last 22 years. We are sure you will continue with your patronage in the coming year 2014 and for the years to come.

Integrity and Sincerity of Our Team is the hallmark of our success. Over the years we have realised that the Indian women are Health Information Hungry. With the aim to provide you Correct, authenticated information directly from the Horses mouth, we are launching our monthly E – Bulletin.
Please do follow us on the Facebook, LifecareCentre/IVF website too for more
Health tips, and more information visit our website

According to a recent survey by TOI in August 2013, out of the world's 100 richest people today, 27 are Heirs (Inherited) and 73 are Self made. These super achievers are not born rich but are self made people. It is not external favour that makes one a super achiever, but one's own efforts and self acquired success.
There is a saying that Mr. X was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. This kind of inheritance creates in the concerned person and kills the motivation.

In contrast, a child born in a poor family, not sure if he will get the next meal, develops a kind of discontentment and hunger that kindles a fire within him to work hard. Living examples next to you are Mr. Narender Modi, Mr. Kejariwal, Dr. Walia, Dr. Harshwardhan, Dr. Sharda Jain and Dr. Vinay Agarwal whom you all know.
The Law of nature is greater and more strict than everything else.
They are Eternal! They cannot be Changed!

The Law is - “It is not ease but effort, Not facility but difficulty – that makes an
achiever out of an ordinary person”.
So, the future is full of Hope, Opportunity and Blessings for them!!!

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IVF Services in Delhi

Life care IVF is well known infertility center in delhi & it deals in ivftreatment in delhi NCR. Lifecareivf is situated in the heart of India, You can find the full address by visiting this site.

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IVF Center in Delhi Ncr

Life care IVF is well  infertility treatment center in delhi and deals in ivf treatment in Preet Vihar Delhi & NCR. now well recognize as advance and trusted IVFcenter in Delhi NCR which deals all problem related to infertility  After having decades of experience now it is most trusted name in ivf treatment in delhi & deals with infertility problem.