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Saturday, 29 March 2014


Life care centre  & Life Care IVF  a reputed & established IVF centre in East Delhi provides IVF Treatment in Delhi ncr has created a benchmark and excellence in IVF with prominent doctors and known teachers, working together for patient’s wellbeing.
At Life Care we help couples to identify their-
•    Extreme anger
•    Unresolved guilt
•    Fear
•    Denial
•    Shame and embarrassment

Counseling can encourage patient exploration of these issues by helping them picture their fantasy of their owns biological child and different relaxation therapies.
We are evaluating the importance of various stress reduction techniques involving-
•    Counseling,
•    Meditation,
•    Yoga,
•    Behavior therapy and
•    Medication in improving the chance of pregnancy
Here counseling is provided by highly qualified & trained Clinical Psychologist  for psychological assessment & treatment preparation.

At LIFE CARE IVF we strongly believe that IVF patients must undergo counseling before IVF investigation &during & after primary & after treatment of IVF to overcome psychological stress.
•    Pre IVF stage- support education, information.
•    During IVF – Psychological assessment & treatment preparation.
•    Post IVF treatment- emotional & therapeutic counseling & preparing for outcome.
We are sure you will benefit using this services at our centre in East Delhi  & find psychological support useful &cheers! Have a wonderful happy experience ahead !!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

IVF Specialist in Delhi

Lifecare IVF is known for high quality and ethical standard in the field of infertility. Dr sharda jain is one of the best IVF specialist in delhi. She is Project Director and CEO of Lifecare IVF, the most trusted ivf treatment in Delhi ncr. So for IVF Specialist gynecologist in delhi, contact Dr. Sharda Jain.