Friday, 21 March 2014

Why IVF patient needs counseling

Stress is one of the major cause for reproductive failure. When patients decade to undertakes IVF treatments, they may experience many different emotions from joy and excitement to grief and disappointment. This can be an emotionally and physically challenging time. It is a fact when couple have infertility problems both partner’s stress can affect the fertility potential further. Starts are likely to reduce libido and frequency of intercourse which further contributes to delayed fertility.

Counseling aims to help patients and understand exactly what the IVF treatment involves. And how it might will affect them and those close to them-now and in the future.

Despite, nearly forty years of endorsement for psychosocial intervention in infertility, still many IVF Treatment in Delhi and infertility care centers are not providing counseling services to the infertile patient.

To give awareness to the couple about infertility, to teach them coping strategies and to improve them wellbeing, counseling plays a very important part in ART and specially IVF treatment centre.

•    The opportunity to talk freely and openly without being judged.
•    The chance to explore and express feelings and sensitive issues that are troubling  them.
•    Help in understanding the factors that may be contributing to patients difficulties.
•    Support in finding patients own solutions and new ways of coping.
•    Counseling helps to reduce sadness, depression and stress in patients.
•    To help couples to know their reproductive health problems and family-building alternatives.
•    To know about stress and its effect on biological functioning.


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